At Link Directory we offer social media marketing services. We can manage various social media campaigns to meet our clients’ needs. Besides providing web design, SEO, and social media marketing services, we can also manage your social business accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.


We provide various services to suit our clients’ needs. All our services are aimed towards improving the business’ position in the market.


We started our business in 2002 and since then have helped thousands of small and medium-sized companies to grow their business.


If you want to avail any of our services then please call us to arrange an appointment. We will help you in every way possible.

Our strengths

Through our social media marketing strategies, you will be able to get new customers and more business revenues. We understand the social media marketing trends. So, we can incorporate the latest trend in your business. We can show you the right direction. We provide a free consultation to understand your business needs and align our strategies with your business requirements. We have expert professionals in each of the departments. They know their job well and will be able to give you the best solution for your business.

What will you get?

We provide web design services; so, you will get a professional looking website for your business. We make sure that your site is easy to navigate and has an attractive design. We create social media marketing campaigns for you in order to improve your social media presence. We also manage your social media accounts and inform prospective customers about your latest products and services. We can also maintain your blog and write unique content s to attract visitors to your site. We can give regular postings to your site from your social media accounts so that get more traffic and your website rank increases.

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With such a strong team of professionals, your business will see a new phase for us. You can set up an appointment to meet our professionals and discuss your business needs. We will be happy to help you.