Top 4 social media trends of next year

The social media is gaining more control over the marketing landscape. Every year new technologies are evolving making bigger impact on the social media marketing field. Here are the social media trends you can expect next year.

Augmented reality

This technology is used in the gaming industry to give gamers a real-life experience. Next year, social media like Instagram and Snapchat will be using this technology. The user can take a selfie with a celebrity or anyone else using augmented reality.

Influencer marketing

Many companies have found it difficult to connect with its’ audiences. Influencer marketing will help to draw audiences to your site. This way number of new audiences will increase and you will have a better conversion rate.

Live streaming

Most brands now use live streaming as part of their marketing strategy. Next year more companies are expected to follow the trend. Your customer engagement and visit will increase because of live streaming.

Digital hangouts

Using this technology you will be able to hang out with friends on a digital platform. Facebook will soon have a similar option. As the video is very important for social media, live video hangouts will be very popular.

All these technologies will be the new trends of next year. These will be prevalent in the social media and will be adopted by many companies. If you want to stay ahead of the game then you should think of incorporating these into your marketing plan.